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Frequently Asked Questions

What is DreamStation?

DreamStation is a member-funded platform for purposeful play. Visitors can discover games, inspiring videos, and opportunities to connect. Members can play games both solo and together to  power-up their work, their lives, and everything in between.

As a member of DreamStation, you can engage in purposeful play as much as you want, whenever you want without a single advertisement – all for one low monthly price. There's always something new to discover about yourself, your friends, your colleagues, and the dreams you have for the future.

What is purposeful play?

Purposeful play is a playful form of deliberate experimentation using our bodies, our minds, and our emotions. It’s a basic human skill we all develop in childhood to harness our innate curiosity, capacity for brain development, and hunger to explore the world around us. Through purposeful play, we learned to walk, talk, imagine, build, and grow. Sadly, many of us stop using purposeful play in our teen or early adult years.

But it’s never too late to rediscover its power. As an alternative to business as usual, we've seen people around the world use purposeful play to build everything from healthy relationships, to beautiful artwork, to growing businesses.

How much does membership cost?

Play on DreamStation using your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, all for one low monthly membership fee of $7.50 USD. No long-term contracts. Cancel anytime.

Your payment information is safe. We don't store any of your payment information ourselves. We use Stripe to securely process payments, one of the most widely trusted payment platforms in the world.

Why do you charge a membership fee?

We don’t want to rely on advertising or venture capital to sustain our community growth.

We want our community to grow strong and healthy without having to bend to the influences that these forms of capitalization introduce. This means that everyone who works to create or contribute to DreamStation is also a paying member and a firm believer in the power of purposeful play. Together we can fund our future.

What games can I play on DreamStation?

Games on DreamStation are designed to be fun, powerful, and easy to jump right into. You’ll find games for Personal Growth, Relationship Building, Teamwork & Career Development, and Dreamwork & Creativity.

You can use all these games in several different parts of your life, and many times you’ll find the games naturally flow into each other to help you learn about yourself, resolve conflicts, generate creative ideas, and get things done. DreamStation games also help you develop stronger bonds with friends, family, and colleagues, all while making new ones.

How can I connect with people on DreamStation?

You decide how you will connect with people using the games and tools on DreamStation. We host a chat community and online gatherings where we play purposefully together. So far, players have logged on from 10 countries across 4 continents.

You can also use our games to create connection on your own anywhere in your life. Players have brought our games to their friends, colleagues, family members, romantic partners, and even people they’ve just met to connect, grow, overcome, innovate, appreciate, and have fun together.