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Discover the power of purposeful play.

Team Up

DreamStation supports teams big and small around the world.
Here you'll find dreamers and doers hungry to connect and create.
Start building a better future today.

Team up. Dream up. Play games.

Our Dream

A digital space where people all over the globe can dream up, team up, work fun, and play hard.

Our Direction

Share the power of purposeful play.

Our Dream

People and the planet co-exist in harmony.

Our Direction

Play our way to a brighter, healthier, cooler future.

Our Dream

A global network of creative spaces for filmmakers, musicians, and artists to work and play.

Our Direction

Dream. Share. Dare. Do.

Our Dream

Co-create humanity's emerging paradigm.

Our Direction

Energize a collective of multi-media artists to welcome the future into the present.

Our Dream

Meaningful economic opportunity for every person in every township.

Our Direction

Cultivate powerful entrepreneur communities in South African townships.

Our Dream

Life resplendent with healing and belonging.

Our Direction

Transform ourselves and heal together.

Our Dream

Women everywhere are powerfully sharing their experiences with the world.

Our Direction

Produce webisodes to glimpse inside the harrowing and hillarious world of dating in Lagos.

Play Games

We build games for purposeful play.

We seek to harmonize the spirit of the playground
with the science of collaboration and personal growth.

Here you'll find games for work, life, and everything in between.

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We are building DreamStation to share the power of purposeful play.

Purposeful Play is an alternative to business as usual.
We've seen people around the world use purposeful play to build everything from healthy relationships, to beautiful artwork,
to growing businesses.

Here's how it works...


Share the Power
of Purposeful Play

Let's start with games

Games are everywhere.

They’re on every continent, in every town, and all over the internet. And for good reason. They’re fun!

They're also powerful. Games are designed to be accessible to many (rather than just a few), and they can teach us all a thing or two about ourselves and the world around us. When we know the rules, compete on equal footing, and cooperate with a shared sense of victory, everyone wins.

So let’s challenge ourselves to bring games back into the parts of our lives that need them most.

Let's turn work into play

Let’s face it, at work we get stressed, we get anxious, we get bored.

We force ourselves to try to think our way out, and we leave half our smarts on the table by pushing down our emotions. Work can be just plain hard. And hard is not bad… but when it’s all hard, no fun, it’s just a drag.

Our work can become soulless, heartless, mindless.

So let’s inject some fun into our work…

Work Fun

Play Hard

Connect with Purpose

Meaningful Change

Let's connect with purpose

We don’t ever start a new relationship hoping it will sour. But many do.

We start a romance hoping for the best, but most don’t end happily. We start a business partnership hoping for a mutual victory, but too often someone gets screwed. Sometimes everyone does.

Let’s add some meaning to our most impactful relationships and deliberately build better ones with each other.

Let's power our dreams

Dreams. We all have them.

They are part of what make us human. And when we find someone who shares them with us, it can be magical.

Dreams are all around us. But we can’t achieve them alone. Even our smallest dreams are sparked by the people in our lives who inspire us to reach for something more.

So let’s come together to share our dreams and build a better future, today.

Dream. Share. Dare.