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Our portfolio includes startups, kickstarters, venture funds & dream projects we just can’t put down.

Discover our Projects

Our portfolio includes startups, kickstarters, venture funds & dream projects we just can’t put down.

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We are building an ecosystem of creatives, entrepreneurs, and expert advisors.

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Adam Lupu

General Manager
"I used to want to change the world… Now I just want to change my world and invite y’all in to share it with me."

Michael Rosenberg

Managing Partner
"In the next five years I intend to co-own a community farm with a creative studio for art, music, design, and future-building."

Biodun Laaro

Chief of Staff
"I worry that we only get one shot at things… Thus I believe that there is value in always preparing just so when the time comes, we get to put on our best show."

Alix Dvorak

Managing Partner
Alix is a consultant, coach, and climate advocate. She’s creating new communications tools, like board games, to spur climate action.

Scott Taylor

Revenue Advisor
Scott is an experienced sales leader and startup executive with a hidden treasure trove of stories from Japan to Hawaii.

Taiwo Judah-Ajayi

People Advisor
"I'm an accidental HR person with a dream that one day employee policies would be in the form of comic strips, movies and soap series. My happy place is with my kids."

Robert Opiyo

Media Manager
"My career in visual media is all about telling interactive stories that grow brands and impact communities. Catch me on the ice with the Kenya Ice Lions!"

Julio Delgado

Video Editor
Julio has a fascination with filmmaking and loves working in post-production. He brings the fresh eyes of Gen Z with eclectic tastes that span the generations.

Cesar Rufo

Marketing Advisor
Cesar is a marketing leader with 10+ years experience. He's also known to offer free mentorship on strangers on Craig's List :)

Nengi Adoki

Creative Partner
Writer, director, producer, and performer, Nengi Adoki has starred in productions on 3 continents. She's also a skilled leader across tech startups and arts nonprofits.

Lumka Mangxongxoza

Creative Partner
Lumka leads product initiatives ranging from legal access to violence prevention. She's known to inspiring juicy conversations about relationships.

Daje James

Client Partner
Daje is an artist and entrepreneur who uses story-based, human-centered design to help creators build sustainable growth.

Garth Pienaar

Creative Partner
Garth is a marketing and SEO specialist. His life changed last year with the birth of his son, which has helped Garth recenter around what truly matters in life.

Tanner Welsh

Technology Advisor
"Cycling between roles in technology and education, I aim to arc my career towards using both as tools for social/environmental justice and resilience."

Omid Moezzi

Legal Advisor
Omid has been invaluable in helping Limitless Harmony get started. He geeks out on legalese in a way that makes creative entrepreneurs feel safe and supported.

Miguel Wong

Entrepreneurship Advisor
Miguel is a seasoned business builder. He's cofounder of 2 coworking spaces in Chicago and is always searching for creative ways to connect communities.

Dan Keeler

Global Skills Advisor
Dan is a veteran journalist with experience covering global markets and business. He also creates meaningful and worldly conversations with just about anyone he meets.

Lisa Tilis

Money Advisor
I am all about making the mysterious money matters more accessible. I have seen and been a part of hundreds of business models. Love crafting the ones that work to support creative vision.

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